"Whispers from Poland"

The Movie 
'Whispers from Poland ' is the romantic love story of a woman’s sacrifice of family, country, and cultural identity for the man she loves. The movie deals heavily with immigrant issues of separation and alienation.


Chun Pan. Chun Pan worked as a Software Engineer for 21 years before making a career change to pursue his lifelong passion of filmmaking. While working as an engineer he has educated himself by taking filmmaking classes at various institutions: California College of Arts and Crafts, Film Arts Foundation in San Francisco and Colorado Film and Video Institute. Chun has a Molecular Biology degree from University of Buffalo and a Computer Science degree from U.C./Berkeley.


Director of Photography:
William Devine. William has 10 years experience as a Cinematographer and Director of Photography for feature films, music videos, corporate films, and television commercials. Mr. Devine has a degree in Film and Television from UC Boulder.


Jeff Schomay. Graduated from the University of Colorado with a BFA degree in Film Production. Jeff is known for his unique and artistic filming methods and styles. He is currently writing a feature film which he will be directing on 35mm film. His other favorite roles are cinematographer and editor. Along with movie making, Jeff is also an artist using 3D computer graphic imaging, as well as traditional artwork by hand. He is an avid juggler, a prestidigitator, loves to travel, and is active in many sports. He has traveled Europe with his filming partner on an epic journey in search of the mystical, "Golden Feeling" which flows below the surface and across boundaries of cultural, geographical, and political differences. Check out www.jeff-schomays-portfolio,com for more on Jeff.


Vivek Maddala. At the age of 26, Vivek won the first Grand Prize in the national Young Film Composers Competition and he was invited to study in the prestigious ASCAP Film Scoring program two years later. In July of 2002, Vivek was one of five composers featured in TCM’s Tribute to Great American Composers. In 2005, Vivek's score for The Patsy won the JPF award for Best Soundtrack Album of the Year. In October of 2006, Vivek served as the guest conductor for the Third Angle New Music Ensemble, performing his work as part of their 2006-2007 concert season.


Lead Actors:

Joanna Niemirska. Joanna is a charismatic actress with excellent credentials from her Polish artistic community. She has a Master of Fine Arts from National College of Performing Arts (Krakow, Poland ), the finest acting school in Europe. She was one of 11 students selected by the insitute from 1700 applicants. Currently she performs in a television soap opera in Warsaw. She is a member of the National Theatre in Warsaw.


Alfred Garcia. Alfred's interest in acting begun relatively late in his life, and on a whim of sorts. While tussling with the everpresent "career vs. life" struggle's, Alfred decided to enroll in an Acting 101 class at a local community college. This whim, soon evolved into a passion that Alfred credits for his new found "joie de vivre". Aside from working as a Manager of IT System Integration, Alfred continued training with Brian McCulley at the Front Range Acting Studios in Denver, Colorado . Alfred has recently moved to Burbank to further pursue his acting career, while still juggling the daily responsibilities of a corporate citizen. Alfred has a Biology and Chemistry degree from Stanford University , and an MBA and MA (English) from the University of Colorado at Denver .




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